School Dinosaur Workshop

Dinosaur scientist school visit by palaeontologist.

Dinosaur Hunters

 "Fantastic workshop. Amazing with the children.  Really hands-on investigative learning.

Year 1 teacher, Thomas's Day School.

KS1 dinosaur workshop hands-on activity.


Become palaeontologists in this exciting dinosaur workshop. Get your hands on real dinosaur fossils, and some spectacular replicas in your own school.

How big were they? What did they eat? What was their world like? How long ago did they live?

Learn how to find out the answers for yourself using the fossil clues.

KS1 KS2 dinosaur workshop for schools

 Examine a claw as long as your arm, a horn as long as your leg, a footprint that your whole class can stand on, hold real dinosaur poo, find out what Jurassic actually means. Suitable for Reception - Year 6.  All activities in this school workshop are linked with "Working Scientifically" targets.

Dinosaur Workshop

Dinosaur workshop KS1 KS2

Working Scientifically

In this workshop we Work Scientifically by:

comparing and sorting,

making observations and classifying,


seeking patterns,

recording data,


observing change over (prehistoric) time,

drawing conclusions

Working scientifically with dinosaurs science activities

A small, but deadly, Velociraptor claw.

How big is a Triceratops horn?

Dinosaur footprint activity for working scientifically with dinosaurs

Identifying dinosaur footprints at school workshop.

Dinosaur Workshop

KS1 KS2 dinosaur worksheet resource

What came before the dinosaurs?

Fossil workshop for primary schools KS2 KS1

Can you sort out the mixed-up fossils?