Stone Age School Workshop

KS2 Stone Age activity school visitor for Key Stage 2.

Stone Age Archaeologists

 Dig up Stone Age artefacts in your classroom in this KS2 workshop. Sieve them carefully and examine the clues left behind by Stone Age people. Make a mini museum of your finds (sorry, you can't keep them but you can take photos). What can we work out about how these people lived thousands of years ago? Handle real stone tools and fossils of prehistoric animals. Use archaeological techniques to find out about the world our ancestors lived in. 

Stone Age archaeology for Key Stage 2 KS2.

What did they eat? Where did they live? What was important to them? How does Stone Age life compare to ours? How would you survive if you were sent back to the stone age??  As well as the "digs", there are a variety of other activities, artifacts, and team challenges, to help pupils learn in a hands-on way about Stone Age life in this KS2 workshop.

Iron Age grave CSI activity visit for KS2.

             As an optional extra, we can move on to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, discussing how the ability to extract metal from rocks changed the lives of these people, and what else was different.  In this workshop we examine and compare the new artifacts with the Stone Age ones. There is an "Iron Age CSI" crime scene to solve - can you work out how this Iron Age person died, who they were, and how they lived? 

Stone Age worksheet activity. Iron Age worksheet activity.


Stone Age Stone tools activity school visit for KS2.


Archaeological dig resources for KS2 Stone Age topic.