Geography, geology, rocks enrichment /teambuilding workshop.

KS3 Key Stage 3 geography enrichment activity rocks workshop vsit

Geochallenge Workshop


The big, geological, problem-solving team challenge!

     This enrichment day develops problem-solving, geography and teamwork skills that are applicable to any discipline. It creates a variety of opportunities to Work Scientifically, and consolidates learning in Earth Science topics such as the rock cycle; rocks; fossils; map reading; natural resources; and global climate change. Is it suitable for upper KS2, and KS3 - adult.

KS3 Key Stage 3 geography enrichment activity visit rocks geology

      New geology and geography skills will also be learned, such as thinking in 3D; interpreting cross-sections and range charts; "reading" the rocks; and making evidence-based interpretations with previously unseen types of data and specimens. In addition, opportunities are opened for further enrichment and  discussion on areas such as non-renewable energy, global warming, and different ways of working in science 

KS3 Key Stage 3 geography enrichment activity workshop rocks rock cycle challenge

Work in teams to solve some rocky puzzles. These enrichment challenges include:

* interpreting how the climate changed 100's of millions of years ago

* working out which rock to use to build different parts of your house

* locating  useful rocks and resources on a map (and, perhaps, relating this to our country's industrial growth).

* telling your oil company boss how deep to drill for oil

* detecting the order of events in some geological scenarios

* using rocks to tell the story of our country's deep past.

      Teachers may choose to focus more heavily on activities or areas that are relevant to current objectives. The day can also be biased towards either science, geography, or teambuilding if desired.