School Science Days. Science Week Workshops.

Dinosaur day. Wow science day. Science week activities. Fossils. Palaeontology activity workshop.

Whole-school Science Days

"Wow" Science Days, workshops and assemblies for your Science Week..... or whenever you want to raise the profile of science / STEM in your school.

How about: "Dinosaur Day", "We Are Palaeontologists", or "Prehistoric CSI".

For Science Week 2019 why not take a

"Journey Through Time"?

Science week workshop activity. Dinosaurs. Fossils. School science day. STEM science enrichment.

Whole-school science days are based around fossils, with every child being able to have a go at being a palaeontologist, with age-appropriate activities. We can also cover parts of your curriculum topics in some year groups eg. Evolution for UKS2, and Fossils for LKS2 (also some Rocks if there is space).


Want to start your school science day with an assembly No problem!

Want to include parents? How about extending the day into an after-school parent-child session for science week?