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Music workshop KS2.
KS2 Science topic Sound
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Musical STEM

First, we listen to music being played live on a variety of instruments, and try to identify how the sound is made by copying the actions (squeeze, pluck, bang, scrape, blow etc). Now...... how did it get into your ears? There is a demonstration on how vibrations are made and how they travel. Now, in the next part of the workshop, we do some experiments.....

KS2 science topic sound
Music workshop KS2 primary school


Working in groups, children plan an experiment to change and measure volume (with a volumeter) from their specific instrument, looking for patterns and cause and effect relationships. The data are recorded. Warning - some parts of this workshop can get noisy. But, is this music yet?

STEM musical instruments using junk modelling

Pitch........ and beautiful music!

We start by discovering how different notes can be produced by changing the features of the object that makes the vibration (length/thickness of string, tightness of lips, shape of container/drum, number of holes covered, position of buttons pressed etc.)

Then we use our STEM skills to try to design and make our own instruments and test them to see if we can improve their design. Lastly, we compare noise with music and see if we can add rhythm and tempo and make some music together! If you wish to touch on how music is made, or amplified, using electrical devices, we can also have a look at that during the workshop.